A plumbers tap always leaks

This is the woeful story of building a website, when you build websites (and brand, retail experiences, bars, restaurants etc) for other people.

We started sketching out initial wireframes after researching how we wanted our new online presence to look in late 2013.  The design was nailed and we started on the build December 2014 due to launch February 2014. And thats where it all came to a halt!

Work load picked up, so time spent on the site went to zero. Then it became a ‘thing’ you know the nagging feeling that you need to address an issue, and its not a massive issue, but a time consuming beast that drained my life. I needed to write copy, shoot print, visit interior spaces we had fitted out and tidy and shoot. After a full day spent working on client work, I just simply didn’t want to.

Then the nagging feeling turned into doubt, ‘is this how i want to represent myself’, does the copy say what i want to say about our business, is the imagery any good. Dammit is the site design still current? Give me a brief, guidelines, opinions, meetings and I can knock it out the park all day. But designing for oneself? Jeez now thats a tricky brief. Working in the creative industry im all too aware about opinion (especially of designers) and how you instantly judge brands and business by their website.

Eventually though during a particular busy time, I somehow found the need to document all the good work we were doing and got my act together. I drew a line on any doubts about how we are portraying ourselves and stuck to my (initial) guns and started to populate the site. Low and behold I liked where we were at and another couple of months later the site is done and I’m writing blog posts moaning about how difficult building your own website is! As the saying goes, ‘a plumbers tap always leaks’ but hopefully not for a while.

Now don’t get me started on naming and branding your own company!

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