Evolution of a ad campaign

For a promotional campaign earlier this year, for client The 1810 company. We were tasked with creating print material in the clients usual brand style and in particular a ‘hero’ image for the campaign which the end user received a free mountain bike with purchase of certain goods.

I had photographed a new range of products in the studio and after the shoot the client mentioned he had a bike in the van. So I quickly and crudely shot it propped up in the corner as an after thought really.

So when I got to the mac to process the images, I realised that i had this really awkward image to edit and most importantly to cut out. Thankfully i remembered a tutorial i had previously bookmarked published by Chris Spooner, all round nice guy and clever clogs. The tut was for cutting out hair but the principles remain the same. In this case cutting the spokes on each wheel was the issue. I won’t go into detail as only photoshop nerds will full appreciate the intricacies of the process but have a read of chris’s tutorial.

After revealing the bike, I sourced an appropriate stock image for the backdrop which required a fair amount of rubber stamping, which was ok as the freshly cut out bike would be dropped over the top along with promotional messaging.

Im usually very strict when re-touching imagery as I always see the imperfections but on this occasion, due to turnaround times, overlay of copy and other images I didn’t have to be as strict.

And heres the finished hero image, with the promo bike at the top of the hill which is perfectly acceptable.

Here’s the promo in a magazine mock up. Ta da!

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