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Get a Drip

Get a Drip - Rebrand



Get a Drip are the UK’s leading vitamin drip and booster specialists.
Based in London they offer vitamin drip & booster treatments to aide a wide range of ailments. Ambassadors of being proactive, not reactive with health they truly are market leaders in providing progressive health treatments.

We were actually introduced to Get a Drip during their inception but didn’t end up working together. Fate bought us back together 2 years later when they were ready to progress their brand and extend their market share.

We pitched a name change, but as the name was the primary ‘hook’ in the existing brand, the name was retained and a new simple logo lockup developed. A bold colour palette along with a simple graphic device of drawn coloured lines represent the delivery of of the treatment via the IV line to the patient.

A new simplified website was delivered along with a suite of collateral for the in-house marketing team to continue marketing the brand.