Covid 19


Oh you know what I mean!

I can’t say it without singing along to Dexys midnight runners.


So this is weird isn’t it?

Working from home used to be a maybe once a week luxury.

No commute, work in joggers sat by the window with a view into the garden. Its not warm enough to actually work in the garden yet, and I’ll never know how people see their laptop screen outdoors anyway.

Now as we all know working from home or WFH is the new norm. We have worked from home for 2 full weeks now. I say the term ‘work’ very loosely as the majority of upcoming projects have either been shelved or cancelled. This pandemic has affected us all, rather selfishly it’s hugely affecting our business. However we are lucky enough to be in the position where working from home is possible and we have our health and a roof above our heads.

Apart from contracting coronavirus and suffering the symptoms, the uncertainty that surrounds is all is the largest cause of anxiety and stress. Can my business weather this storm? Will my clients come back after such a long time of being cut off? 

We always try to be positive people and see the silver lining in all situations. So a little break away from the norm is a gift horse in disguise. Running a business can feel exactly like that – running.

Sometimes you feel like you need to slow down to a walking pace but can’t due to deadlines, demands, budgets etc. So we have spent this time in finalising our new website, working on ongoing projects as and when we can. But have also slowed life down and engaged in simple things that don’t require board approval or negotiation on fee’s, such as tidying up the garden, doing 30 days of yoga.

So, although this situation we find ourselves in is reminiscent of ‘Sean of the dead’. Find the positive in it all and allow yourselves opportunity to do other things. Working in the creative industries is a fantastic way to make a living and running your own business is great, but this is a chance to get off the wheel for a (hopefully) short time and reboot your system.

Stay safe & hopefully normal service will resume shortly and remember to wash your hands.

Happy Business Birthday

Happy Birthday to us.

As mentioned in a previous post, in the financial year of 2019 – 2020, we celebrated 10 years in business, 6 of these as Studio Able.

We set up shop in the dining room of our first house, with very little work, virtually no cash flow, leads or a clue on how to make a business work. It has taken 10 years, a bit of skill, a lot of luck and a non-stop drive to make the business work to get to where we are today.

We have always stayed true to our core values but have diversified a couple of times, settling mostly and enjoying working in the retail sector. Now delivering a variety of projects from brand, store fit out, mall kiosk and events we are looking forward to another 10 years.

N.B. The image on this page was our first office complete with glamorous studio cat.

2019 – A Retrospective

2019 - A Retrospective.

2019, came and went in the blink of an eye.

Personally and professionally, we had an amazing year. Bucket list holidays, landmark birthdays and a major house move outside of the studio.

New clients, returning clients, events, brand identities, new specialisms and of course a (delivered late) new website. 

Of course it was hard work, anything worth something always requires hard work. We tried to work smarter as well as harder, partnering with people and companies that share our ethos.

I read some amazing books on business development (more of this on a later post) and started to implement some guidance into our business (again more on this in a later post).

Moving forward into 2020, we hit the ground running with deadlines throughout January and plans for the first quarter.

In 2019 we celebrated 10 years in business, 6 of these as Studio Able, and for the first time we have set business goals and objectives. We are so grown up!